Welcome to Christians of the Internet! A place for Christians to be a little more connected to each other. Email me if you have any questions! [email protected] . :))


Why did I make this webring?

The reason isn't very complicated but I like to talk about it a lot regardless. You'll find two blog posts here to give you an idea as to my intent and purpose. :)) The short answer though, is that it's because I wanted a ring for people true believers, especially one where true Christians won't have to worry about being kicked out for controversial features of our faith.

Future Updates

Right now the webring is pretty janky in how it looks and functions. I will always be wanting to optomize it but it's functional for now and I have school so I can't spend too much time making it better. That being said, here are some things I want to do:

‣ An optional prayer box, where members can submit prayer requests to the website and place a box on their personal websites that will display a request at random. (Not likely to happen before I graduate).

‣ Make widget easier to integrate. (Not likely to happen soon as I need to learn some code skills before I can release a better version).

‣ Add more widget button options. I like the graphic for the current one but I also like options! (Might happen when I'm procrastinating and want to do pixel art).

‣ Make a new/better form - CRITICAL Complete!

‣ Make website look a little bit better. I like the original style of the template but it was a bit hard to read, therefore the current style is in place; I still want to make it a bit prettier though. (Not likely to happen before I graduate).

‣ Make the welcome message better/more clear about the reasoning behind the webring and it's intentions.